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Fluorescent Retrofit Kits-Parabolic, Direct/Indirect and Metal Kits
T5 and T8 Retrofit Sockets
To make your ballast/socket retro-fit easy and less labor intensive, we offer T5 and T8 ballasts with sockets connected.  This allows for quick and easy installation which reduces the labor rate drastically.  Call for details...
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Retrofit Reflector Kit
for Troffers 

Retrofit Reflector Kit
for Parabolics
Retrofit Recessed Door Frame
Retrofit Reflector Kit
for 4' Strips 

Retrofit Reflector Kit
for 8' Strips 

Universal Strip Reflector Retrofit Kit
Retrofit Center Basket 
Shielding Kit 

Retrofit Louvered Basket 
Shielding Kit 

Retrofit Radial Overlay 
Shielding Kit 

Retrofit High Transmission
Shielding Kit 

Use our Retrofit shielding kits (Door Frames and Lenses) below to transform any existing troffer or parabolic into a new modern looking, higher effeciency fixture at a fraction of the cost of a new fixture that takes less than 15 minutes to install...
Retrofit Direct/Indirect 
Shielding Kit 

Scenic Ceiling Tiles

Retrofit Parabolic Door Frame Kit for Troffers
Custom Retrofit Kits for Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent and H.I.D. Fixtures

Univsersal Parabolic Retrofit Kit

Induction Retrofit Lamps
Dual Basket Retrofit Direct/Indirect 
Door Frame and Ballast Kit

Center Perforated Basket Retrofit Direct/Indirect 
Door Frame and Ballast Kit

Easy T5 Retrofit Kit

 L.E.D. Freezer Caselight