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Thank you for visiting our Online Lighting Catalog.  Here you will find High Quality Lighting Products for all of your Commercial lighting needs. Lites and offers some of the most competitive pricing on Exit Lights as well as Emergency Lights, Fluorescent Lights, Outdoor HID, Recessed Lighting, Site Lighting, Landscape Lighting, lamps, batteries, H.I.D and Fluorescent ballasts and much more... Our products are "Name Brand" quality and warranties... 

Most of our lighting products can be shipped within 24 hours. Thank you for visiting our online store.  Please Contact us if you have questions on any of our lighting products.  If what you need is not listed in our store, please contact us via e-mail or phone with your needs...Lites and Lamps continues to grow so please check back often...

Commercial Lighting
HID Lighting
Our Exit Signs and Exit Lights include Red, Green, Battery, Plastic, Die Cast Aluminum, Edge Lit Products, Photoluminescent Signs. Emergency Lighting includes 2 head standard economical fixtures to industrial size. All of our Exit Lighting and Emergency Lighting Products meet the National Electrical Code, NFPA Life Safety Code and UL924 codes.
Emergency Lighting
Our Fluorescent Lighting includes Parabolics, Linear, Recessed direct/indirect. Lay-ins, Industrials, Strips, Channels and Wrap Arounds for every Commercial Lighting and Industrial Lighting Application.   Fluorescent Retro-Fit Kits.  Adjustable fluorescent cove lighting.  Linear fluorescent lighting.  Louvered fluorescent lighting.  Linkable strip lighting.T5 Fluorescent enclosed highbays.  Corridor lighting.  Baffled fluorescent highbay.All of our fixtures are standard with Electronic 120 and 277 Volt Ballast.  Our T-5 High Output Fluorescent fixtures with a 95% reflective Aluminum Finish offers Energy Savings and many other advantages over HID Lighting for warehouse applications.  
Our Recessed Lighting includes 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6”, diameter Airtight IC Housings. We have Low Plenum Shallow Housings, Low Voltage, Sloped Ceiling in new and old work styles.  Also popular Square Fluorescent Downlights. Trims include Baffles, Eyeballs, Shower, Wallwash, Open, Cone style and many others in all types of finishes.  Fluorescent, L.E.D and Metal Halide downlights too.  We offer custom downlights with dimming options and battery backup for emergency applications.
HID Indoor Lighting for garages, warehouses and Security Lighting.  Interior H.I.D. highbays and lowbays.  Recessed canopies for banks and awnings.  H.I.D. wallpacks and canopy light(s).  Flood lighting for security.  
Our Lighting Professionals can provide an Energy Savings study as well as a Comprehensive Lighting Foot-Candle Layout of your facility.
We carry a full line of Fluorescent Ballasts, Sign Ballasts, Transformers and H.I.D. Ballast kits.  Also, we offer Emergency Battery Packs that range from 450 to 3,000 Lumens; these lighting products operate Fluorescent Lamps in the emergency mode.
Our full line of Linear Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent and H.I.D. lamps are major brands.
See our full line of Sealed Lead-Calcium Batteries.

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Visit our online recycling center for fluorescent lamps and ballasts.
Please call us at Lites and Lamps if what you need is not listed on the web  888-467-0008
HID Outdoor Lighting is available for parking lots and Security Lighting.  We offer square steel light poles, round steel light poles and tapered poles for parking lots and area lighting.  Our line includes metal halide and high pressure sodium shoeboxes meeting every requirement, including parking roadway, type 2, type 3, type 4 and type 5 reflectors.. Our Lighting Professionals can provide a Comprehensive point-by-point site drawing.
Adapters for mounting floods and shoeboxes to poles and buildings.
Fluorescent, Incandescent and LED Step Lighting.
Decorative Bollards for Walkways, Plaza's and Landscape accents..Our bollards are available in H.I.D., compact fluorescent and L.E.D...
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Recessed Downlighting
Fluorescent sign and facade lighting....
Landscape Lighting-Lites and Lamps offers a full line of low voltage and line voltage landscape lighting.  From burial lights to pagodas, we can fulfill your needs for landscape lighting,
We offer Line Voltage, Low voltage Straight Track and Low Voltage Flexible Track.  Fluorescent, low voltage. line voltage and metal halide track heads.
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Customize your own LED Edgelit sign...
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We offer special pricing for repeat clients who purchase the same products frequently.  Our "Customer Log-In" page offers these clients their very own page for these products.  Call for details.
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Incandescent, Fluorescent and Metal Halide Vaporproof/Hazardous area lighting.
We offer a full line of "Special Wording" signs as well as customizable signs to meet your wording requirements-Some examples:  X-Ray In Use, Salida, On Air, Do No Enter,etc.
We offer a full line of sportslighting, including tennis court lighting, ball field lighting, horse ring lighting and residential sports courts.  Steel poles, including our hinged based sportlighting pole are available for quick shipment.
LED Task Lighting, LED Downlighting, :L.E.D. cove lighting. LED tape light and ED par and MR16 style lamps, Wallpacks, Garage/Canopy and Floodlights...
Our Fluorescent RETROFIT section provides kits that easily convert existing troffer and parabolic fixtures into more energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting. Please visit our fluorescent retrofit page for more information.  
Decorative Colonnade post top fitters for 3" round poles.  Round Aluminum Poles. ..
Fluorescent Lighting
Exit and Emergency Lighting
Fluorescent Retrofit Lighting
Recessed Lighting
Track Lighting
Indoor and Outdoor Industrial Lighting
Site Lighting
Sign Lighting
Sports Lighting
Custom Lighting
Special Wording Signs
Site Lighting Adapters
Hazardous Lighting
Indoor/Outdoor Step Lighting
Commercial Landscape Lighting
L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) Lighting
Decorative Pole Top Lighting
Replacement Ballasts
Replacement Lamps
Replacement Batteries
Lamp and Ballast Recycling
Quick ship recessed multiple cluster lights are designed to incorporate multiple lamp sources into one luminaire and this concept creates diversity and efficiency of accent lighting in various commercial applications.
Recessed Multiple Cluster Down Lighting
Surface Mount Cylinders
Our full line of quick ship cylinders includes:  6" and 8" Incandescent, Fluorescent, Metal Halide and L.E.D.
Replacement Lenses and Louvers
Many people have the need to replace plastic lenses for light fixtures, but sometimes it can be difficult to find something that fits. That's where we come in, Lites and Lamps can help you get the right light lens for your existing fixtures. Why buy new lights, when you can replace the plastic light lens with a new fitted sheet or parabolic louver? You have reached the number one resource for replacement lenses, louvers and diffusers for light fixtures. 
Decorative Halogen Pendants
See our large variety of Contemporary Decorative Halogen Pendant lights for many applications, such as resaurants, kithens, display and more....
L.E.D. Decorative Pendants
Bank and ATM Signs
Heavy gauge aluminum frame Bank and ATM signs. Suitable for outdoor locations'Total Consumption is less than 10 watts.  LED life of 25 years or more.  Easy installation  High output LED's for increased visibility
Standard 120VAC input.  Surface mount standard.  Optional canopy for end/ceiling mount

Induction Lighting
Induction lamps are one of the newest energy-saving lighting technologies developed in recent years. Induction lighting is based on a technology that is fundamentally different from that of traditional lighting products, such as fluorescent or high-intensity discharge (HID). With no filaments and electrodes to burn out, these unique lamps can last up to 100,000 hours, making them virtually maintenance-free! 
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